Food labelling is a comprehensive field. In addition to the legal regulations that must be observed, it should be a matter of ensuring that the declaration is correct. After all, the consumer relies on it.
In addition to the complete information available, however, it should be a matter of course to communicate the information in an understandable way. The fact that this is not quite easy is shown not only by many examples in communal catering, restaurants and bakeries. It is precisely in the case of artisanal foodstuffs, which are often subject to a certain degree of flexibility in recipes, that discrepancies are inevitable. Even the best software, which calculates the data, can no longer help.
With our 15 years of experience in the field of "practical food labelling" we offer you the opportunity to use our know-how for your company. The tasks are manifold.

  • Structuring the purchase of raw materials for easier declaration and "cleaner" lists of ingredients
  • Recording of recipes (not depending on the used software or also with Excel)
  • Conception of allergen-conscious recipes (e.g. free-from, lean label, etc.)
  • Creation of customer information systems that offer daily updated data
  • Instruction of employees with regard to allergens, forms of nutrition, etc.
  • Elaboration of marketing for transparency in relation to food

Many solutions can be implemented quickly and easily, often without great expense. We will be happy to show you the possibilities and advise you individually on your requirements. Simply write us a message, where you think that you could need support. In a non-binding, free 15-minute phone call we will then look together what could make sense for your company.