How and why I came up with the idea to initiate foodsymbols?

My name is Markus Messemer and many people know me as owner of food IT Consulting, managing director of Ingredio GmbH or organizer of the "somewhat different workshop".

The idea to label food with clear motives is not new. A whole series of more or less successful symbols is on the move in the displays, on the shelves and also on the Internet. However, in addition to the quick and clear recognizability, I also lacked the creative red thread. A logic in the design, and last but not least, a series of symbols that also covers all topics.

After all, I have been dealing with food declarations for quite some time now and at that time I wrote computer programs for declaring baked goods. Little by little I noticed how important the topic became. In the area of labelling, the first symbols were designed. In 2014 the Allergen Labelling Ordinance came into force. This led to the fact that more and more labelling was required, especially for loose goods.

Absolutely sensible and also very important from my point of view, because as a person affected I am always confronted with the problems at the buffet or in the display of the shops. What is vegetarian? Where is lactose in it? It would make many things so much easier if it was clearly and uniformly labelled.

Over time, we have expanded the concept and worked on it. In the beginning, we added a few more symbols, limited them to the 14 allergens required by the EU and then looked at what makes sense beyond the bakery industry. Which symbols do we need?

Recently the requirement was added to display the types of meat accordingly and so we have 40 symbols today, which can all be found here. In addition to the corresponding explanations, also includes the various areas of application and further information on nutrition, allergens and intolerance's. Thus, affected persons and food suppliers can get an overview and use the symbols.

Besides a shop where you can buy all symbols as 12 mm round stickers on sheets, you will also find each symbol for free download. The symbols in colour or as a monochrome variant as well as a freely usable font can be used free of charge in menus, menu plans, on signs and many other printed materials.

Why did I get the idea to initiate foodsymbols?
Because we need an easy to understand and simple symbolism to label food worldwide - foodsymbols for everyone! Let us start!