The labelling of vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free dishes is not yet standard in gastronomy, but at least it has become common practice. Even with regard to contained nuts, eggs, soya or lactose there are often labels, but not always, and therefore large areas in the gastronomy still have to catch up.
What about symbols that do not require long explanations as footnotes or on the last page? Which can be understood by all nationalities and at all ages, from children to senior citizens? Then not only are many questions no longer necessary, but orientation on the menu is automatically easier. All catering establishments, whether a snack bar, a chic restaurant, a café ,or a bar, can use the foodsymbols very easily. Download, process, print out, use and that's it! If you want it to be even easier, we offer our stickers, which we provide for a small fee and can be used immediately in practice. True to the motto: A symbol says more than 1,000 words - this is certainly especially true in the catering industry. In the future, better and uniform food labelling will certainly become even more important. So why not take this step now and make it easier for customers to choose.