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foodsymbols needs the land - and foodsymbols needs you!

You’ll soon need more than just a high school diploma to navigate the myriad of information written mostly in tiny little fonts on the labels of the products you find in supermarkets. A magnifying glass may have already become a must as well.  Even unpackaged or the so-called loose goods are difficult and costly to label. This is often the primary cause of allergies and intolerances.

In restaurants and pubs, in the canteen, cafeteria or at the French fries stand at the corner of the street - every day we have to deal with prepared food everywhere. But the question is: What is there actually in the delicious dishes before me, and most importantly, is this food safe for me?

Allergy sufferers, vegetarians, vegans and nutritionists alike find themselves completely at a loss in a lot of situations, and decide to go for the good ol’ salad or something that they perceive as “safe”. In other words, they leave a variety of dishes for “others” to try.

But why? After all, the control is in our hands, because foodsymbols make the daily madness of buying and consuming food easier.

Start today and put an end to the ordeal! foodsymbols are and will remain free, and can be downloaded by anyone in a variety of formats. The explanation of the foodsymbols is already available in 15 languages, and we are constantly expanding our offer.

Take the proactive path, ask for foodsymbols where you want them to be, become an ambassador for this initiative and carry its message further, to the world of the future.

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foodsymbols are perfect for the consumer because they allow them to check what a product contains right away, whether in a supermarket, restaurant or canteen, at home or abroad. The symbols are to be found on unpackaged, loose goods, shrink-wrapped and packaged food. foodsymbols work internationally and bring clarity to the table. Quite literally!

As a consumer, you may have a hard time deciphering the madness that product packaging has become.  Especially as an allergy sufferer, or if you have the chance to welcome an allergy sufferer as a guest, you need to search for hours on end and analyze the small print on the labels, only to end up not being 100% sure about what is really included in a particular product.

The comprehensive range of foodsymbols is available free of charge to all manufacturers, restaurants and retailers. Via our website www.foodsymbols.com everyone can download the required files in the most varied formats (.pdf, .eps, .ai, .png or as font .ttf). This way, the symbols can be placed appropriately on all products.

The website is currently available in 15 languages and more are being added at regular intervals.

The more you participate, the better our offer becomes! We need you, the consumer, to take part in the initiative! Keep your eyes wide open and ask questions in your environment, regardless of whether you find yourself in a regular pub, before your favorite manufacturer, at your preferred ice cream parlor or canteen… foodsymbols belong everywhere.

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You know your target group pretty well, right? If only! No, we are not implying that you haven’t done your homework properly. But did you know that a large part of your target group has allergies or cooks for others who suffer from intolerances? Did you know that quite a number of people take the conscious decision of following a diet in accordance with special guidelines, either because they want to or because they have to?

 Irrespective of how you decide to present your products on the market, whether as loose or packaged goods, as prepared or partly prepared products, with the help of foodsymbols you can now label all of them perfectly, both for young and old consumers.

Get down to business! foodsymbols are not only simple, but also easy to understand on a global level. Moreover, they are completely free and available for download in different file formats. As PDF file, EPS file, AI file, as well as PNG files, and now as font in black and white or color.

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... Gastronomy

What's on the menu today? Employees, pupils and students eat a large part of their meals at the cafeteria or at the school canteen. Plenty of dishes that those people could consume without hesitation is often left untouched. The truth is that many questions are left unanswered because of the stress experienced before the food counter and because of the inadequately or poorly declared "menus". This makes many believe that it is safer to completely avoid the risk of spending the rest of the day in a secluded place or even in a hospital because of an infection.

The situation is particularly tricky when it comes to kids in the kindergarten. Here, labels are of great importance for the little ones. The educators work with the parents and children very early on to understand the allergies and intolerances that the young suffer from.

Restaurants, pubs and snack bars, i.e. all catering establishments, could make it easier for their guests to choose the right food and beverage. All they need to do is simply label their menus and daily offers properly, with the help of foodsymbols.